COVID-19 and the concealed carrier

My wife and I lived in a high-crime area in East Dallas for three years. Before others criticize me for my life choices, please be advised that we had a good reason for moving in and staying there as long as we did. During that time, my wife’s SUV was broken into seven times and there were two homeless persons living under a mattress propped against a wall on the building behind us. During that time period I got very good at dealing with aggressive panhandlers and developing a high level of situational awareness.

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The ‘corona virus’ and concealed carriers

Here at CCW Safe we always like to train our members to be their own risk managers. We have in the past stated several times to be prepared but not paranoid. We are facing an international pandemic that is forcing our government to make tough decisions to protect the masses. This might include mandatory curfews, canceling large gatherings and possibly “lock in place” orders to control the spread of the virus.

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Democrats’ selective concern over voter IDs

Last week, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform conducted a hearing that purported to examine the history and current state of voting rights in America. Witnesses testified that Texas’s free voter ID cards, for example, are too burdensome on the poor and on minority communities, particularly blacks.

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11 more examples of how firearms save gun owners’ lives, property

At a time when some gun control advocates appear intent on painting lawful gun ownership as a danger to society, and the Second Amendment as little more than an outdated protection of a person’s right to hunt, it’s important to remember the regular role armed citizens play in defending inalienable rights.

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