• Benitez upholds Rhode v. Bonta

    Great news for California gun owners: Judge Roger Benitez announced he is upholding CRPA’s challenges in Rhode v. Bonta [18-cv-00802-BEN-JLB]. This case seeks to overturn the state’s restrictions on ammunition purchases.

  • A California law banning the carrying of firearms in most public places is blocked again

    LOS ANGELES — A new California law that bans people from carrying firearms in most public places was once again blocked from taking effect Saturday as a court case challenging it continues.

  • Everytown gun claims are bogus

    BELLEVUE, WA — A new “study” by Everytown for Gun Safety which claims that 298,000 lives could be saved if all states adopted strict gun control policies like California is “misleading at best,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said in reaction.

  • How many guns to buy

    When the government says you don’t need a gun, buy two.

  • Federal judge strikes down SB2

    In a huge ruling, the Southern Division of the Central District of California issued an injunction halting enforcement of provisions of SB 2 that designates a wide variety of locations in the state as “sensitive places” in which a firearm could not legally be possessed.

  • San Juan sheriff probes advocacy group’s gun buybacks in Farmington

    Pictured are unwanted firearms from one household in Farmington, NM. Our gun buyback was cancelled by the City, but local residents asked us to show up anyway. So, we spent today dismantling guns house by house.

  • Second Circuit panel strikes ‘social media’ review for New York concealed carry permits

    A three-judge panel from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld district court injunctions on Friday against three New York gun controls, including one requiring concealed carry applicants to submit their social media accounts for review.

  • We are representing the NRA

    BREAKING: We’re representing the NRA at the Supreme Court in their case against New York’s Department of Financial Services for abusing its regulatory power to violate the NRA’s First Amendment rights.

  • Judge obliterates Oregon’s newest gun grab

    It turns out that bullets are an essential part of a gun, and limiting the number of rounds in a gun violates the Oregon constitution. A county judge in Oregon made that decision on Tuesday overturning Measure 114, a citizen-passed measure that outlawed what gun grabbers call “high capacity magazines” and required that Oregon serfs get a permit to be allowed to purchase a gun.

  • The right to bear arms

    The Second Amendment does not grant us the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment denies the government the authority to infringe upon our right to bear arms!

  • Federal court issues injunction in Gun Show Ban case

    Today, a federal court issued a preliminary order enjoining the State’s attempts to ban gun shows across the state. B & L Productions v. Newsom was filed in a joint effort with California Rifle & Pistol Association, B & L Productions, Second Amendment Foundation, Asian Pacific American Gun Owners, Gun Owners of California, Second Amendment Law Center, and individuals in response to Senator Min’s SB 264 and SB 915, which banned gun shows on all state property. These laws, passed in 2022, were challenged on both First Amendment and Second Amendment claims. The injunction goes into effect immediately, with the court denying the State’s request to stay any injunction that may be issued.

  • Crime would soar victims are disarmed

    Less than 18% of gun crimes in the U.S. are committed by legal gun owners.

  • Federal judge strikes down decades-old California ban on assault weapons

    A federal judge has overturned a decades-old California law banning assault weapons, calling the restriction “extreme” and unconstitutional.

  • Israel now wants armed citizens

    This video is for all the people in the U.S. who think they have a right to feel safe and use this idea to justify restrictive gun control in America.

  • How law-abiding are CCW permit holders?

  • Statistics on resisting attackers with violence vs compliance

  • President Trump visits a gun store

  • U.S. judge strikes down California ban on high-capacity gun magazines

    (Reuters) - A federal judge in California on Friday declared that state’s ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition unconstitutional, saying it violated the Second Amendment rights of firearms owners.

  • Duelling tweets

    No civilian needs an AR-15, regardless of whatever mental gymnastics you do. You are a very special breed of stupid.

  • Democratic New Mexico AG refuses to defend governor in gun-order lawsuits

    New Mexico’s Democratic attorney general notified the governor, a fellow Democrat, on Tuesday that he will not defend her in litigation challenging her public health order temporarily banning firearms in certain counties and imposing other gun restrictions.

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