Educated to the point of stupidity

“Perhaps the deterioration of American education is illustrated by the high correlation between the number of years a person has attended school and his inability to understand the words ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ It is more likely, though, that those who interpret the Second Amendment to preclude an individual right to own guns are driven by their political agenda. Whichever the case, they do themselves no credit when they tell us that a simple, elegant sentence means the opposite of what it clearly says.”

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Training: Buy a shot timer

Why do we spend time shooting? There’s plenty of reasons: self-defense, competition, hunting, pure recreation, maybe even as part of a job. But a common thread that underlies all these reasons to shoot is that just about everyone who pulls triggers “practices” at some point with the hopes of improving their skills. After all, we all want better scores, more meat on the table, or to be able to protect ourselves and the people we care about as proficiently as we can within reason.

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