The legislation, HR 923, is sponsored by Representative Marlin Stutzman (R-IN). It would make concealed carry permits from any state valid in all 50 states, similar to driver’s licenses. This would remove the confusing current scenario where a concealed carry license from Kentucky is valid in Indiana, but not in California, or the scenario where a license from Texas is valid in Idaho, but not in Oregon or Washington state.

Moreover, HR 923 protects permitless carry provisions by ensuring that a resident from a permitless carry state who can legally carry in that state — Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, or West Virginia — may also carry without a permit while traveling in any other state.

With more than 80 cosponsors now on board for National Reciprocity, GOA’s executive director, Erich Pratt, sees an opportunity to secure passage of the much-needed legislation.

Pratt told Breitbart News:

Concealed carry reciprocity legislation could begin moving in Congress real soon. So it’s important for gun owners to contact their representatives and urge them to co-sponsor HR 923, the measure which establishes reciprocity and safeguards Constitutional Carry.

Gun owners shouldn’t have to ask for permission to exercise their constitutionally protected rights. And that’s the beauty of HR 923. If it passes, all concealed carriers — even those from permitless carry states — will not have to fear prosecution when traveling with firearms from coast-to-coast.

Source: AWR Hawkins,