The Al Shabaab terror group has released a video calling for a terrorist attack on the Mall of America […]

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson confirmed the threat[…]

Counter-terrorism experts have long expected an attack on soft targets in the United States. It’s simply a matter of where and when and how bad it is going to be before the terrorists are wiped out. We have the ability — and I would argue, the responsibility — to make such an attack as difficult as possible.

There are more than 11 million concealed carriers in the United States, but only a very small percentage of concealed carriers carry a significant portion of the time. Typically, concealed carriers leave their handguns in their gun safes until they anticipate going somewhere out of there normal “safe” areas, or out at night.

As we now live under the increased threat of Islamic domestic terrorism, it is my belief that more citizens should get quality handgun training and obtain their concealed carry permits. Concealed carriers who already have their permits should begin carrying with more regularity, and may want to consider upgrading what they carry on a daily basis.


Do I have any illusions that I’d be well equipped to take on and defeat a team of Islamic terrorists armed with rifles or shotguns and IEDs if I’m armed with just a handgun? No, I don’t.

But I do think that I stand a slightly better chance of making their day a little more difficult. If they run into a couple of concealed carriers, off-duty law enforcement officers, and the armed police patrols in and near so many malls these days, time can be bought for families to escape.

Al Shabaab wants to create another Westgate Mall Attack. I’m hoping that if such an attack does happen, that another hero like the off-duty SAS officer with a handgun will emerge to save lives that might otherwise be lost.

The terrorists have made their intentions quite clear. You have the choice of gambling that it won’t affect you — and you’ll probably be right — but I’ve never been much of a gambler.

Source: Bob Owens,