Provocative conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called for concealed carry at American schools as gun free zones have invited school shooters because they know “they are going to be the only one armed.”

“I know this is going to cause all kinds of angst: The solution is we need concealed carry in these schools,” Limbaugh told “Fox News Sunday.” “If we are really serious about protecting the kids, we need a mechanism to be defensive when this kind of thing — if we’re not going to take action to stop it — we better have mechanisms in these schools to stop it when it breaks out.”

Limbaugh ripped protests, marches, and students calls from Marjory Stoneman Douglas as mere convenient “politicization” for the “leftist” media and liberal proponents.

“How is anything that we’re talking about going to stop it?” Limbaugh told host Chris Wallace. “We have got to realize this is what our country has become. We can wish that it weren’t this way. And we can wish that Congress can legislate it away, but they can’t.

“It’s not the fault of the NRA. It is the fault of the people doing this and our inability to deal with that and stop them.”

Limbaugh began with the chilling reality criminals are going to find ways around new laws, as they do with the existing ones.

“The next shooter is out there,” Limbaugh said. “The next shooting probably has the gun that he is going to use. The next shooter is known by many people in his community, who are concerned this guy may do what everyone is afraid this guy is going to do.”

What the U.S. needs is not more law, but more security, he added.

“We have security, armed security, at nearly every public entity in this country, except schools,” Limbaugh said. “For some reason they are a gun free zone and everybody who wants to shoot up a school knows they are going to be the only one armed.

“Until we really get serious about where we are and how we stop this from happening — and marches aren’t going to do it, saying no more guns isn’t going to do it, bashing the NRA isn’t going to do it.”

Source: Erick Mack,