Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) has signed HB 1296 into law, making Indiana the 24th Constitutional Carry state.

This means Hoosiers can now conceal carry in most places within the state, without having to beg the government for a permit. This even includes 18-year-olds who cannot defend themselves with a firearm in other states.

Indiana’s ascension into the Constitutional Carry club follows two other states that just recently enacted permitless carry:

  • Last week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) signed SB 215 into law.

  • And the week before, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) signed Constitutional Carry legislation into law.

In both states, gun rights activists had to overcome outright lies that were being spewed by anti-gun organizations and the mainstream media.

With the addition of these three states, there are now 24 states that are permitless when it comes to carrying a firearm in self-defense. 26 more states to go!

Source: Gun Owners of America