A Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) study shows that concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding of law-abiding citizens in the country.

For example, for 2016 the study shows that just .0092% of Louisiana permit holders were charged with a felony in 2016. And in 2015 there “were 25,208 violent crimes in Louisiana, with 19 felony charges or convictions against permit holders.” Assuming the felonies were violent and the charges against permit holders stand, this still means permit holders only represent .08% of those who committed violent crimes.

Moreover, “the vast majority of … [cases involving concealed permit holders] are unlikely to involve firearms.”

According to CPRC, the percentage of Michigan concealed permit holders convicted of aggravated assault in 2015-2016 was .003%. The percentage of Michigan permit holders convicted of aggravated assaults in 2014-2015 was .002%

Shifting to Minnesota, the percentage of concealed permit holders convicted of assault in 2016 was .000%, the percentage convicted in 2015 was .000%, and the percentage in 2014 was .000%.

CPRC shows the percentage of Oregon “permit holders who were convicted of any type of felony, violent or nonviolent” in 2016 was .0074%. CPRC stresses that “these cases are unlikely to involve firearms.”

In Oklahoma, the percentage of permit holders convicted of a felony in 2016 was .0071%, in 2015 it was .0062%, in 2014 it was .0069%, and in 2013 it was .0078%.

To put these percentages into perspective, consider the percentages of misdemeanors and felonies committed by police officers. On May 27 Breitbart News reported a CPRC study which showed that from January 1, 2005, through December 31, 2007, the yearly rate of misdemeanors and felonies by full-time police officers was .102 percent. On the other hand, the yearly rate for Texas’ concealed carry permit holders in the year 2015 — the year campus carry was signed into law in that state — was .0102 percent.

Source: AWR Hawkins, Breitbart.com