Out of all the things that you learn from a CCW class here are the top five.

Rough transcript:

Out of all the things that you learn from a CCW class, here’s the top five.

Number one is basic safety. At the very least you should know the top four fundamentals, which are always the same every firearm is loaded, always keep the gunpoint in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger until ready to use, and always know what your target is and beyond.

Number two the instructor local laws should inform you of what the local laws are. Not only should you know state laws but also what the laws are within your county.

Number three is understanding what “deadly force” means. “Deadly force” does not mean that you use whatever force is necessary so it results in death. You want to use the least amount of force necessary to stop the threat. Once the threat stops, that’s when you stop using deadly force.

Number four is realizing that even though you took this concealed carry class, or maybe you can shoot well, it does not mean that you’re professional. I highly recommend that you continue training and continue to educate yourself.

Lastly be mentally prepared that you might have to use your firearm. So if this is the difference between you or them, you are going to make the decision today that you’re going to do whatever you possibly can to make sure that you’re going home to your family that night.

Source: Federal Ammunition