On March 12, the Montana Senate gave final approval to HB 298, a bill rescinding the requirement for a concealed carry permit in their state.

Montana already allows concealed carry without a permit outside of cities and towns. HB 298 will simply bring cities and towns into compliance with the rest of the state.


According to KXLH 9, state Senator Scott Sales (R-Bozeman) said, “We should stop kidding ourselves. People who want to commit crime aren’t going to pay attention to the concealed carry portion of the law right now.”

It should be noted that West Virginia’s House also passed legislation rescinding the concealed carry permit in their state on March 12. This comes after the West Virginia Senate passed legislation to rescind the requirement on February 27.

The measure the West Virginia House passed now goes back to the Senate, seeking agreement on whether the age for concealed carry will be 18 or 21.

Source: AWR Hawkins, Breitbart.com