Another in the seemingly endless parade of bills pushed through by Governor Newsom and his anti-2A allies, AB 28 became law last September doubling the already egregious taxes on gun and ammunition purchases in California. The new tax goes live on July 1st.

California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) has joined with other 2nd Amendment groups to challenge the new tax in court.

In their brief, CRPA makes the case that the new law is unconstitutional under the standard established in Bruen, as it is “is not part of this Nation’s history of gun regulation.” The complaint also describes how the Supreme Court has routinely held that the Second Amendment is not a second class right, and echoes the Court’s warning in McCulloch v. Maryland that “right to tax, without limit or control, is essentially a power to destroy.”

“California’s wrong-headed war on gun culture continues to cost taxpayers millions, as stubborn lawmakers keep passing laws they know will never withstand scrutiny under Bruen,” exhorted CRPA President Chuck Michel. “A government cannot simply tax rights out of existence.”

Source: California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA)