A new interactive map lays out the number of gun homicides in California since 2014, and the numbers are staggering. […]

The map gives a detailed examination of the more than 12,800 gun homicides in California at a micro level, down to which street the shootings took place on. This is the first time that Californians can see this many details about shootings across the state.

The data is grouped together in clusters to represent the density of gun homicides in a particular county or area. The largest clusters in California are in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Los Angeles Area. The clusters in the two areas represent 5,900 gun deaths or more than 46% of all California gun deaths over the nine-year period.


Source: Tori Gaines, ktla.com/news/california/this-california-county-has-the-most-gun-deaths-and-it-may-surprise-you/