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This is Jamaal Bowman, the representative from New York’s 16th District. Recently, Bowman appeared in a video from now this news regarding the Second Amendment gun enthusiasts typically looks to the Second Amendment as a means to defend gun ownership but there’s one phrase in the amendment that might provide some clarity on what the founding fathers envisioned when they initially wrote it the phrase is well regulated right now we do not have guns that are well regulated in our nation and there it is a classic Democrat talking point guns need to be well regulated even though the Second Amendment doesn’t say well-regulated guns or well-regulated arms but it does say well-regulated militia and well regulated doesn’t have the same meaning in the 21st century as it did in the 18th Jack rakov the Pulitzer prize-winning author and professor of political science and law at Stanford University explains one of the biggest challenges in interpreting a centuries-old document is that the meanings of words change or diverge well regulated in the 18th century tended to be something like well organized well-armed well disciplined it didn’t mean regulation in the sense that we use it now in that it’s not about the regulatory State there’s been Nuance there it means the militia was in an effective shape to fight in other words it didn’t mean that the state was controlling the militia in a certain way but rather that the militia was prepared to do its Duty and of course representative Bowman is completely ignoring the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed but you know it’s not important or anything in District of Columbia V Heller the Supreme Court held that the second amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes such as self-defense within the home but of course Democrats don’t care about the Constitution or the Supreme Court so moving on we have grown tremendously in gun ownership doubling the number of guns that are owned over the last 20 years first of all who cares law-abiding citizens are allowed to own guns in fact they should be encouraged and I don’t know about the last 20 years but I know about the last few according to an analysis by the trace between 2020 and 2022 Americans purchased 57.2 million guns 37.9 percent of which were purchased in 2020 you know when the fiery but mostly peaceful protests were happening the other 62.1 percent occurred after Joe Biden took office and started making dubious claims about the United States Constitution and firearms in general from the very beginning the Second Amendment didn’t say you know in any gun you want as big as you want you couldn’t buy a cannon when in fact the Second Amendment passed and certain people from the very beginning weren’t allowed to purchase guns you couldn’t own a cannon you couldn’t own certain kinds of weapons you realize the bullet out of an AR-15 travels five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun what purpose is to have a gun that can bullet can travel five times the speed of an ordinary bullet it’s a weapon of War and I know it’s controversial but I got it done once ban assault weapons in high capacity magazines and I’m determined once again to ban assault weapons in high capacity magazine and by the way it’s going to sound bizarre I support the Second Amendment we’ve gone from two percent to 25 percent of gun owners having assault weapons we’ve gone from two percent to 25 over how long a period of time and what exactly does he mean by assault weapons look I honestly have no idea where representative Bowman is getting this statistic believe me I looked so I think he’s just pulling it out of his ass and in this exchange with representative Thomas Massey you can see that Bowman cares more about emotions than facts so Bowman just said states that have open carry laws have more death which I’m sure you can guess is not true States like Maine Vermont and New Hampshire which allow open carry without a permit I made add not only have very low total deaths by Firearms but have very low firearm homicide rates California Illinois and New York however states that do not allow open carry have significantly higher deaths by Firearms as well as higher firearm homicide rates and I should point out that Most states allow open carry with the exception of California Florida Illinois and New York so Bowman’s statement about open carry being connected to more homicides has no basis in fact I know you’re shocked but if I had to bet money I’d say The Bowman doesn’t actually understand what open carry means but whatever check out this stat we are four percent of the world’s population but we own 40 of the world’s guns and check out this stat 52 of homicides were committed by 13 of the population now we won’t go into that enough is enough something has to be done we need Common Sense gun reform legislation you should not just be able to walk into a gun dealer or purchase a gun without a background check and that’s not true Federal Law requires at minimum when you walk into any gun shop to purchase a firearm your information goes into the national instant criminal background check system that is unless you reside in certain States and have a permit like a concealed weapons license having one qualifies as an alternative to an instant background check so does that mean Bowman is right of course not because to get one of these you need to go through an extensive background check so no you can’t just walk into a gun dealer and buy a gun without a background check you gotta love when a lawmaker doesn’t understand the laws Universal safe storage that will dramatically decrease the number of accidents that we see happen in homes across the country first of all if anyone under the age of 18 is living in your residence you need to make sure that your Firearms are not accessible to them that’s just basic common sense and Most states have child access prevention laws on the books already but Universal safe storage laws would require that all firearms are stored locked and unloaded except when it is under the direct control of the owner which is stupid but don’t worry I’m sure that the home Invader will give you a heads up so that you have enough time to Fumble to unlock where your gun is stored and then be able to unlock the gun itself we also need to make sure we ban assault weapons civilians should not have assault weapons they are weapons of war when the second amendment was written they weren’t talking about assault rifles that could fire a hundred rounds in a minute they were talking about guns that could shoot three rounds per minute so first Bowman is referring to a musket which a well-trained soldier could load in fire in about 20 seconds I.E three times in a minute and by representative Bowman’s logic since muskets were used in the Revolutionary War their weapons of war so I guess you can’t have those either but what Bowman is saying is that if AR-15s existed back in the 18th century the founding fathers would have been like oh wow that gun is too dangerous we better not allow people to have them because someone could get hurt passing the assault weapons ban in hr8 is crucial to the lives of over 40 000 Americans to die at the hands of gun violence every single year we can save lives forty thousand lives every single year guys except that according to the FBI in 2018 which is the most recent available data there were 10 258 homicides involving a firearm and 3.5 percent of those cases in rifles the category which could include assault weapons but you know if we banned assault weapons we could say forty thousand lives a year or something there are 120.5 guns for every 100 people in America we must prioritize people over weapons of war and ban assault rifles and semi-automatic guns Bowman is saying the quiet part out loud they not only want to ban assault rifles but also semi-automatic guns and of course the majority of firearms in the United States are semi-automatic like this hkp30 which means that you can all but guarantee that the second they ban assault rifles that they’ll start using the same language to try and ban everything else that’s a semi-automatic assault pistol yeah it’s a weapon of War so we need for the president to stretch his authority as far as it can go and seek to use executive action to ban assault rifles now this will probably be challenged in court but if it is so be it so Democrats like Bowman will scream up and down that we almost lost our democracy on January 6th but but at the same time Bowman is like it Joe Biden should declare a ban on assault rifles even if it’s unconstitutional and with Bowman Joe Biden is the answer to everything Joe Biden needs to take executive action to stop quote unquote wealthy price gouging landlords Joe Biden needs to sidestep Congress and raise the debt ceiling himself and of course my favorite demand education should be free and POTUS could start that process by canceling the over 1.75 trillion dollars of student debt POTUS should sign an executive order today canceling all student debt let’s get it done hey POTUS canceling ten thousand dollars of student debt isn’t enough cancel it all I mean who cares about passing legislation in the house in the Senate when you can beg Joe Biden to set off a constitutional crisis Democrats claim to be the Protectors of democracy until it gets in their way.

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