In an order issued last night, Judge Roger Benitez enjoined the fee shifting provisions of SB 1327, a law Governor Newsom patterned after a Texas law banning abortion. This is a HUGE WIN for California’s lawful gun owners as it stops the state’s attempt to make its laws impervious to legal challenge.

Judge Benitez’ order starts by quoting Newsom himself describing the Texas law he mimicked:

“It is cynical.”

“It is an abomination.”

“It is outrageous and objectionable.”

We could not agree more heartily and are grateful for Judge Benitez’ righteous defense of the Constitution in this case!

“Governor Newsom’s gambit to rig the legal system against Second Amendment advocates is as unconstitutional as many of the gun control laws he has advocated,” stated California Rifle and Pistol Association President & General Counsel Chuck Michel. “We will now turn back to the pending challenges to some of those laws.”

Source: California Rifle and Pistol Association