The amazing, even breath-taking hatred for the American republic found in everyone working in, covering, or supporting the Biden Administration is hard to understand. While the predictions of the Democrats’ media and social-media acolytes that the Colorado shooter was “an angry white man” was dead wrong, Biden gleefully wielded Obama’s sordid trick of using dead Americans to attack the sacrosanct 2nd Amendment.

(NB: In all likelihood, the Islamist shooter was a misfit; was on the FBI’s or another police payroll; and was paid to recruit dumb Muslims for non-starter terrorist attacks using explosives and weapons already rendered safe by the cops. The Colorado shooter, per law-enforcement SOP, would have been told by his paymasters where and when the fake attack would be staged, and then he and they would be arrested after harming no one. Thus another meaningless scalp would be added to the FBI’s belt of non-existent counter-terrorist successes. Though, of course, who knows what the FBI or another police organization amy have used him for.)

Within hours of the Colorado killings, China Joe was calling for “common-sense” gun control to be passed by Congress, notwithstanding the fact that the 2nd Amendment is, with the 1st and 4th Amendments, an absolute, meaning that it cannot be changed by grandstanding, effete, corrupt, and ass-bag politicians like Joey Bribes and his gang. They are changeable only by the formal amendment of the Constitution, never at the whim of the half-wits, criminals, deviants, and child molesters that dominate the Democratic Party and the Biden family.

The Biden script for disarming Americans is the standard menu: ban assault weapons; run fascist-like investigations of gun owners and purchasers to start a national-gun register; and a ban “high-capacity” magazines, whatever that means. This is not a commonsense program, it is, rather, the start of a process meant to disarm all Americans. Biden, his party, the media, and some Republicans want to turn self-reliant Americans into the same pathetic lost souls and helpless automatons who are now subject to almost complete gun control — and so to arbitrary government and increasing police violence — in Britain, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, and New Zealand. Biden is pushing the same line that always is pushed by wanna-be tyrants who are deathly afraid of their own people, especially — as in case of Biden, et al. — when the aspiring tyrants know their people despise them.

This is standard Democratic stuff, as is the content of the statements by Biden and his party’s House and Senate leaders. So far as I have read or heard, there are no plans, at this stage, to ban hand-guns and non-automatic rifles. Why? Because, again as far as I have read, these are the weapons most commonly used by Blacks when they brutally kill more and more of each other yearly in the nation’s major urban areas. These weapons, narcotics, and abortion are the tools the Democrats are using, and intend to keep using, to eliminate the African-American population in the United States. It has been their ambition since the days of the blood-thirsty Margaret Sanger, and the Democrats still have a raging appetite for destroying Blacks in America.

Finally, Beijing Joe — or his double — is reported to have said today that, if Congress will not pass legislation to disarm Americans, he will use executive orders to do so. Speaking as just one American, I’d say come and get them, but remember, King George didn’t listen to us either.

Source: Michael Scheuer,