Like never before in our lifetimes, our personal safety and security is in danger on Election Day.

This danger isn’t cloaked in some vague anti-gun legislative agenda that has yet to materialize, or mealy-mouthed campaign platform designed to tiptoe around our Second Amendment rights and mislead gun owners.

This time, the threat is obvious. It’s brutal and blunt.

The radical fringe of our country — now openly supported and cheered by anti-gun politicians, elites and the media — is working to tear America down and tear our nation apart.

Our cities have fallen under a dark cloud of violence, mayhem and destruction. Crime rates are soaring. What was once a dangerous “revolving door” criminal justice system now has no door at all, as state and local officials release a flood of hardened criminals onto our streets to murder, rob and rape again.

Anti-gun politicians are shuttering gun shops and doing everything in their power to deny law-abiding Americans our Right to Keep and Bear Arms — and at the same time, ordering the police to stand down in the face of criminal violence.

Ask yourself: Have we really arrived at a time and place in our country where the campaign slogan, “Vote for me and I’ll take away your right to self-defense and make sure the police can’t protect you either,” is a winner?

Joe Biden thinks it is. He’s promised to ban semi-automatic rifles, to force you to register your guns with the federal government and to confiscate your firearms if you refuse to comply.

So does Beto O’Rourke, who Biden says he’ll put in charge of gun-ban policy if elected. So do Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their gun-hating comrades in Congress. As does the despicable, dishonest mainstream media establishment.

We have one job to do on Election Day. We need to turn those long lines we see at gun stores into long lines at every polling booth in the country.
This is the harsh reality we face right now, just weeks before Election Day. A reality that millions and millions of Americans are just now beginning to understand.

Each month, gun sales break the previous month’s record. Law-abiding Americans are preparing for the world that surrounds them.

Men and women of every religion, race and creed are discovering a newfound appreciation for the most natural, sacred and essential freedom known to mankind — the right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. The determination to simply survive. The right to go to sleep every night, and wake up every day, free from the crippling sense of vulnerability that comes with the inability to safeguard our own lives.

As NRA members, we have one job to do on Election Day. We need to turn those long lines we see at gun stores into long lines at every polling booth in the country.

We need to reach the millions of Americans who are just beginning to understand what you and I have known all our lives: Our Second Amendment right to self-defense is the most fundamental and vital freedom we possess, and it’s the one freedom we must fight for and defend at all costs.

We need to shatter the lie of gun control with the plain, unassailable truth: Politicians like Joe Biden who propose anti-gun laws, aren’t simply uninterested in reducing violent crime — they are knowingly and actively promoting policies that increase violent crime. Decades of history, statistics and crime data leave no doubt.

We need to expose the wretched hypocrisy of the politicians, billionaires and elites who want to strip us of our God-given right to self-defense — but sleep soundly every night themselves behind gates, walls and armed security.

If there is one thing you and I know as NRA members, it’s that when we fight like hell for freedom, we get more of it.

Let’s resolve right now — all of us together — to fight like hell to defeat Joe Biden and every anti-gun politician who would take away our freedom!

Source: Wayne LaPierre, National Rifle Association