• We’ve all seen that Elmer has had his gun banned. So maybe your double barrel is not safe, nor grandpa’s old bolt action rifle. You can not hide from the gun-banners or the fight.

I have had conversations with gun owners from time to time who don’t want to get involved in the gun rights movement. Two reasons stand out from my interaction with them. One is lethargy, often associated with the notion that “they are not after my kind of gun.” The other is a fear of being a target of radical gun prohibitionists enforcing some sort of gun ban. I will address each of these here, pointing out possible flaws with each position.

My Gun Is Safe

Adherents to this notion have believed that the gun grabbers were not interested in their particular type of firearms hardware. Gun owners have historically been divided into several groups, with often overlapping edges. You have hunters, target shooters, plinkers, and defensive carriers; each group with its own interests. Hunters may only fire a handful of shots each year, a few sighting in shots at the beginning of the season, and then what’s necessary to take their chosen game. This group has been derogatorily labeled by some as Fudd’s after Elmer Fudd, of Looney Toons fame.

Well now, we’ve all heard that Elmer has had his gun banned. Instead, he is left with the Grim Reaper’s scythe. So maybe your double barrel is not safe, nor that old bolt action. After all, bolt action rifles are the “sniper’s weapon of choice.”

They are not after your hunting gun now, but maybe later. These Goldilocks gun grabbers can never find a gun that is just right (for you to keep).

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Others adhere to the notion that if they keep a low profile, they are safe from the gun grabbers. Let’s explore this low profile idea.

In many jurisdictions, private sales are perfectly legal. Some gun owners are very careful to only purchase their firearms this way, in an attempt to stay away from the purview of officialdom. Maybe that’ll work, maybe not?

Your papers, please.

So you don’t want to register your guns; and although NICS records are purported to be destroyed after the transaction, who knows for sure? If you have bought them all in private sales, you may be safe to a point. But are you a registered gun owner? Have you unwittingly gotten on a list?

Here are six (6) actions that will (or may) put you on one.

  1. Do you have a state-issued handgun permit? You’re on a list.
  2. Do you get any firearms-related publications? Informed Delivery may not be your friend.
  3. Do you order any parts or accessories online? There’s a record.
  4. Do you use a debit or credit card to buy ammo? Hmm … we have seen how pro-gun banks can be.
  5. Do your FedEx or UPS ammo deliveries have HAZMAT labels? Everybody knows what’s under the plain brown wrapper.
  6. Do you shop locally and pay with cash, but your dealer has video surveillance?
  7. How difficult would it be for a rogue gun-grabbing government agency to build a dossier on you?

So, unless you live further off the grid than Randy Weaver did, staying on the down-low just may not work.

Get Up, Get Going

The thing to do is fight for your rights while you can. If the situation deteriorates to the level that Alfred Flatow experienced, it will be too late.

So now is the time to welcome new shooters to the fold, get after your elected representatives, and be proactive in advancing the Second Amendment. As Ole Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, “We must hang together or surely we shall hang separately.”

Source: Liston Matthews, Ammoland.com