The Allegheny Court of Common Pleas on Monday struck down Pittsburgh’s ban on the use of AR-15s inside city limits.

Breitbart News reported Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (D) signed the ban on AR-15 usage April 9, 2019. WJAC reported other aspects of the gun control banned “most uses of armor-piercing ammunition and high-capacity magazines.” The controls signed by Peduto were also intended to allow guns to be seized from individuals via a Red Flag Law.

WESA reported Allegheny County Judge Joseph James found all the controls “void and unenforceable,” due to the state’s preemption statute.

A preemption law means a city or municipality is barred from passing gun controls that exceed those existing at the state level.

The NRA-ILA’s Jason Ouimet praised the ruling, saying, “This is a huge victory for law-abiding gun owners and everyone who values freedom in the Keystone state. Cases like this underscore the peoples’ need for judges who will faithfully interpret the law in defense of their rights and liberties.”

Source: AWR Hawkins,