So now we have heard the Democrats’ eternally adolescent, presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke promise that, if elected, he will order the national government’s police and military forces to seize AR-15s and other incorrectly described “assault weapons” from law-abiding U.S. citizens. It is an odd and, perhaps, even a dangerous decision to tell Americans that you will strip them of inalienable rights as soon as you can, but there you are.

Some people, and even a few of the country’s semi-human Democrats, have criticized O’Rourke for his indifference to the legitimacy — and popularity — of the 2nd Amendment. More people, and especially Democrats, have damned him for telling the truth and failing to disguise the “extremism” of his remarks, which all but doom the passing of any legislation that would begin the process of strangling the rights of gun-owning citizens without needing to raise the radioactive issue of formally amending the U.S. Constitution.

Two points here. There is no real disagreement with the plans of boy-wonder Beto among Democrats. They all agree with his plans to seize not only AR-15s, but all firearms from American citizens. This consensus has nothing to do with the Democrats compassion for the people and families that have suffered at the hands of the shooters. All of the Democrats’ faux outrage, theatrical tears, and choked-up voices are meant merely to hide their plans to seize all privately — and so constitutionally — held firearms.

After all, this is party whose most vociferous leaders and media champions have, since 1973, resolutely defended and celebrated the mass murder of 61 million innocent, unborn Americans (premeditated murder is wonderfully empowering for women, you know); who now demand that infants can be murdered after they are born; and who, if the party wins the presidency, will legalize the removal of functioning organs from the still-living unborn, or only mortally wounded, babies, and permit the sale of them to the highest bidder. To believe that any Democrat actually gives a tinker’s damn about those few who have been killed by nut-job and often pro-Democrat mass shooters is a transparently false claim for most Americans — unless they count themselves among those certifiably deranged individuals who are the only people (?) permitted to be members of the Democratic Party.

The second point to understand about Beto and all other Democrats, is that the mob of them are, in some ways, not nearly as dumb as they look and sound. (They have no ability to govern a republic, but would be splendid tyrants and top-notch Stalinist gulag managers.) At least among Beto and the party’s other so-called leaders, their advisers, and their innumerable, dishonest media shills, there is a full understanding of the Founders intent for including the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. Ol’ Beto and his unhinged, spendthrift, communist, and/or deviant colleagues know that the Founders wanted to ensure that Americans, through the length of the republic’s existence and with a quality of arms appropriate to the era and task, could defend themselves against, or rid themselves of, those who would abandon the U.S. Constitution and rule as tyrants, not as the Constitution-bound governors of a republican citizenry.

In frank terms, Beto, his fellow presidential candidates, other party leaders, most of its rank-and-file, and the media know that the 2nd Amendment is aimed squarely at their ongoing effort to destroy the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Christian tradition that informs both. They know that the Founders’ too-often unspoken, but understood by all, intention was to afford Americans in all eras to possess the tools with which to kill those who declare that they will deny citizens the rights that belong to them as birthrights and as they are cited in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and, ultimately, by the design of their Creator. Today the 2nd Amendment also is aimed at those who have committed treason, with foreign help, by trying to overthrow a legitimately elected government. Beto and his party already have tried and failed to do the latter, and now he and his party have designated the destruction of the 2nd Amendment — and thus the Constitution — as the governing mission of the next Democratic president and his team of gauleiters and commissars, probably led by Reichsführer Eric Holder.

In the early morning of 19 April 1775, Captain John Parker aligned his militia company on Lexington Green to face an approaching British military column. The latter had been assigned by the king’s commander-in-chief in the colonies, Major-General Thomas Gage, to disarm the population around Boston and to seize or destroy any arms, gunpowder, and ammunition the colonists had stored in makeshift arsenals. Both Parker and his men knew precisely what the British were after, and as he formed the unit on the Green, Parker is reported to have said “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” The British tried and failed to disarm those they called “damn rebels”, and then their units were nearly bleed white as that rabble attacked them all along the route of their forced and hurried retreat toward Boston.

Like the British, Little Boy Beto has “fired” for himself and his party on all law-abiding Americans and their families. Well, the citizenry still holds the authority of the 2nd Amendment and their Creator, as well as their era-appropriate firearms. So, to Beto and his crew of lawless and deviant sidekicks, the only possible response, as they seem to have a death wish, is the Greek phrase Molon labe — come and take them.

Source: Michael F. Scheuer,