Today, an Illinois judge in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court for Lake County, IL, ruled for gun owners in the case of Guns Save Life, Inc. v. Village of Deerfield. The order issued today permanently blocks enforcement the Village of Deerfield’s gun ban.

The ordinance would have outlawed America’s favorite rifle and numerous other popular firearms along with standard capacity ammunition magazines in today’s best-selling and most used handguns and rifles.

Guns Save Life had filed the suit last year with backing from the National Rifle Association in the days after the village government unanimously passed the ordinance.

The plucky Illinois-based gun rights group soon received a temporary order blocking enforcement just days ahead of the 2018 deadline for gun owners to surrender their guns and magazines.

Additionally, the Illinois State Rifle Association filed their own lawsuit with the support of the Second Amendment Foundation. The suits were joined by the court, so today, they too share Guns Save Life’s victory.

The Village of Deerfield’s Mayor, Harriett Rosenthal, has fought vigorously to maintain her precious gun ban since it was enacted. The city publicly touted their partnership with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence’s crack legal team.

Rosenthal also partnered with the high-powered and nationally known, white shoe law firm Perkins and Coie.


Now that temporary order has been made permanent. Deerfield traveled down a tough and expensive road to keep their beloved disarmament ordinance. And while they’ve lost in court again, it seems likely they will continue to spend taxpayer money to defend the indefensible on appeal.

Meanwhile, the law-abiding gun owners in Deerfield won’t have to worry about a knock on their door from the village police. For now at least.

Source: John Boch,