Since its inception, the Second Amendment has served as a firewall against tyranny. The colonists were all too familiar with the consequences of living beneath an overbearing monarch, so they drafted specific protections to ensure their God-given freedoms wouldn’t be stolen by leaders poisoned by power.

Many on the left, though, don’t see those constitutional protections as they were meant to be seen — as immutable statutes placing the people’s interests above the state’s. They see them merely as challenges to be overcome in their quest to create a gun-free “utopia.”

To their credit, they do realize that battering down rights in one fell swoop isn’t going to go unnoticed or uncontested by the people or the Supreme Court. They know that blanket bans are too overt and as such are often unsuccessful, so they instead employ the tactic of “death by a thousand cuts.”

They slowly dismember our rights one small encroachment at a time, in order to circumvent the Constitution and erode the Bill of Rights in a manner so gradual that it goes about unnoticed.

And so they’ve embarked on Operation Death by a Thousand Cuts: freedom of speech has been curtailed in the name of political correctness. Due process has been put on the back burner in the name of #BelieveAllWomen. States’ rights have been wrested away by activist judges in the name of social justice.

In the name of safety, the Second Amendment is their enemy number one. Mainstream media outlets have pushed a narrative that blames guns and law-abiding gun owners for every tragedy, no matter the true cause, which has brought calls for gun bans and even a repeal of the Second Amendment to the forefront of political discussions. The left’s disarmament lobby has been emboldened by this partnership with the media, so their outright disdain for the Second Amendment is no longer restrained to whispers and off-the-record communication. It can be openly broadcast and worn as a badge of honor.

Still, the notoriety of their agenda in regard to guns doesn’t allow them to unilaterally disarm the American public — the Heller decision makes sure of that. But many liberal-led states and leftist politicians have led the fight against the Second Amendment by restricting magazine capacity, raising the legal age to own a gun, requiring waiting periods between gun purchase and pick-up, and even blacklisting NRA members.

One of the tactics that’s gaining steam nationwide is the implementation of controls on ammunition. As reported by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, who appeared Stinchfield, Cam & Co, and Relentless this past week, the Obama administration attempted to do away with AR-15 ownership by restricting .223/5.56 ammunition. His plans were to reclassify the ammunition as “armor-piercing,” thereby making it illegal to own. No doubt many other politicians are making similar plans.

The disarmament lobby is willing to jump through any hoop and try any tactic to rid the country of gun ownership, which is why it’s not the all-out bans and confiscations that gun owners should be on the lookout for. No — we need to be on the lookout for every single tiny cut that they inflict upon our Second Amendment.

Source: NRA TV