Liberalism is largely a process of adopting illogical and factually invalid positions and then artificially placing blame on its opponents when policies based on those positions inevitably fail. For the blame to bear fruit, it is necessary for people of good conscience to be fooled into believing that their actions and beliefs are bad for society and have brought about shameful consequences. At the same time, it is necessary for people whose consciences have already been deformed and co-opted by the faux morality of liberalism to be conditioned to think fellow citizens, who have caused no actual harm but hold contrary views, are evil.

We see this pattern repeated in the context of illegal immigration, global warming, environmentalism, opposition to Islamic subversion of Western culture, feminism, and social justice generally. Nowhere has it been more acutely on display than in the left’s hatred of private gun ownership as the ultimate barrier against political overthrow. In order to disarm the country, the left’s adherents must be tricked into believing that guns and gun ownership are irrevocably evil, and simultaneously that they and the policies they endorse have nothing to do with the “gun violence” they selectively decry.

In order for leftists to succeed, lawful gun-owners must be tricked into going along with this illusion. Unfortunately for the left, people who are serious enough to decide to accept the responsibility of careful stewardship of firearms are not stupid enough to ignore that we are living in a cesspool entirely of the left’s making. Not surprisingly, mature, responsible gun-owners have declined the left’s invitation to be caricatured and smeared as the scapegoats for where liberalism has taken us as a culture. As serious people, they don’t have much capacity for irrational, emotionally unhinged accusers pointing their fingers at those who not only did not cultivate the environment that has bred mass shooters but also do not provide such people from their own ranks. The phenomena of unhinged “mass shooters” and the predictably vulnerable environments where they carry out their evil are unique byproducts of liberalism and its failures.

Generally speaking, law-abiding gun-owners are of a different time and culture. They are anachronistic. To lawfully own a firearm is a commitment to timeless principles of maturity, personal responsibility, individual freedom, and civic awareness. It is a trust, a right possessed by free people who exercise their freedom carefully and mindfully. It is not a masculine exercise, as men and women exemplify these qualities equally in their lawful ownership of firearms. It is rather a uniquely American exercise, which is why the left fully loathes it. When liberal commentators spontaneously declare themselves gun-owners for effect, it is unlikely that they are telling the truth, because the philosophical underpinnings of American gun ownership are anathema to them. In everything else they do, they shun and disclaim the America of individualism, honor, and integrity. They show no other willingness in their words or actions to reject their liberal brethren so totally as to own what their paganism declares an object possessed of evil powers.

As true Americans, law-abiding gun-owners reject the illogic, dishonesty, and corruption that animate every aspect of liberal politics and social structure. They loathe the culture that celebrates intolerance and bullying of opposing views, indeed which goes so far as to turn a blind eye to physical violence when it is carried out by leftist assailants against Americans to coerce conformity and acceptance of poisonous ideologies. They reject the culture that both creates victimhood and then encourages the rage it causes so that those who see themselves as victims feel personally and socially justified in doing harm to people who have done them no harm whatsoever. Truth is irrelevant; liberals look outward. Their enemy is always to blame.

Law-abiding gun-owners do not accept that they should be made to pay each time a person who is marginalized and inflamed by the immoral vacuum of liberal culture snaps, under the ever watchful eye of exploitative politicians and some law enforcement personnel who have been told to look the other way to skew statistics showing how out of control people have become in liberal culture. The outcome is inevitable, and, having rejected solutions that have worked in conservative locales, they pretend to be surprised with each slaughter they facilitated in a gun-free zone. It isn’t lawful gun-owners who callously endanger children and then stand on their corpses or manipulate the survivors to blame the wrong people. It isn’t lawful gun-owners who insist on the victims’ defenselessness. It isn’t gun-owners who excitedly wait, speech at the ready, for the horror to be repeated and for the political boost it brings to their agenda.

Law-abiding gun-owners recognize the damage that liberalism has done to America and the dangers it has brought. They have chosen to own a firearm as a bulwark against the immorality and violence that liberalism has brought, socially and politically. They have made the conscious decision to own a firearm not to bring violence, for the liberals have brought violence to last for generations, but to prevent it being done to them and those they love.

The left understands nothing about those who own firearms as an exercise of their human right to resist the imposition of evil upon the defenseless. While they force us to live in their absurd psychological experiment in pervasive stupidity, they insist that we surrender as they have, and that we be made as vulnerable and defenseless as they have chosen to be. They hate that we are still free to exempt ourselves from their fantasy, in which we are daily told that we are the evildoers who must be punished for the culture they created.

Lawful gun-owners are being entirely blamed for the cultural and societal failures of liberalism, which are endless in an ideology built on lies and irrational fantasy. To accelerate the movement toward forcible disarmament, there will be a “Children’s March” soon. It will be attended or watched by millions of brainwashed products of the NEA, a liberal advocate for complete government control, cynically using their right of disinformed free speech to manipulate children to destroy the right of millions to self-defense against tyranny. In the process, lawful gun-owners will be blamed for all they have fought by millions of children who have been told that it is the gun-owners who are lying about who exposed and abandoned them to the violence of liberalism and a life of serfdom. No doubt child-sized brown shirts will be available for purchase at the march.

This is how children are indoctrinated as agents of the state, which uses them like so many bullet-catchers and footstools. This is how freedom is stolen.

Source: Jeffrey T. Brown, American Thinker