A Marionville, Mo., liquor store clerk was working his shift on Sunday night when a would-be robber walked in smoking a cigarette, according to WUSA.

When Jon Lewis Alexander told him to put it out, the man reportedly told Alexander to handover the cash in his register.

Instead, Alexander “used his left hand to push the robber’s handgun back while — in a smooth but rapid motion — pulling and swinging his 9 mm into the robber’s face,” WUSA reports. The man then walked out of the store without causing any further ruckus.

Store owner Jeannine Dawson told the News-Leader that only Alexander, a veteran and former prison guard, is allowed to take a gun to work.

“I don’t know what I would say if someone else asked to carry a gun,” Dawson said. “Jon’s the exception.”

The Kansas City Star reports that police are still looking for the would-be robber.

Source: Huffington Post