• Trump vows to protect the Second Amendment

    Never before has there been such a stark contrast between presidential candidates over the future of the Second Amendment. With Donald Trump, the nation’s firearms owners have a true champion who has repeatedly pledged to preserve the Second Amendment by assuring that impending U.S. Supreme Court vacancies will be filled with justices who will preserve our unique liberty.

  • ELECTION 2016: Chris Cox One-on-One With Donald Trump

    This year’s race for the White House is like no other in our history. Hillary Clinton has made it clear that if elected, she will come after our firearms freedom on her very first day in office. So it’s no exaggeration to say that the Second Amendment is on the ballot this November. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, to discuss our right to keep and bear arms and what’s at stake in this election for America’s gun owners.

  • 1950 to 2010: Not one mass public shooting where citizens could be armed

    • In other words, gun-free zones or gun-restricted zones were the targets of choice.
  • Protecting our Second Amendment rights will make America great again

    The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.

  • Opinions on Gun Policy and the 2016 Campaign

    • Most Clinton, Trump backers favor stricter background checks
  • 91-year-old Concealed Carry Permit holder shoots robbery suspect

    According to The Detroit News, around 10:15 a.m. in Detroit, Michigan, the 91-year-old man parked and exited his car. He was “heading into the Rite Aid on Gratiot near Nine Mile” when a man with “erratic” behavior confronted him. The elderly men issued numerous warnings that he was armed and would shoot, but the man continued with the robbery attempt.

  • The lie behind ‘gun-free’ zones

    Over 90% of public mass shooters commit their acts of violence in Gun Free Zones. And while the national media frequently covers these tragic stories, they rarely cover the overwhelming number of examples where armed citizens use guns to protect themselves and others.

  • Gun laws only burden those who obey laws

    It’s time to ask some really tough questions about gun control — an issue that generates angst, raw emotion and even anger. It’s time to look at it differently — not through the lens of fear, but rather through one of objectivity and common sense.

  • CBS: Mexico murder rate 5x higher than U.S. despite strict gun control

    Mexico has “restrictive” gun control — including comprehensive background checks — and a homicide rate over five times higher than the rate in the U.S.

  • Concealed gun permits soar 215%, record 14.5 million, ‘explode under Obama’

    Americans now holding permits to pack a concealed weapon in public has soared 215 percent since 2007 to over 14.5 million, a record, according to a new report.

  • Concealed permit holder receives commendation for saving officer’s life

    Ohio concealed permit holder Dylan DeBoard received a commendation July 27 for intervening to save the life of a Mount Vernon Police Officer who was under attack.

  • Former INTERPOL chief on terrorism: Make secure perimeters or allow civilians to carry guns

    As INTERPOL general secretary, Ronald Noble said in 2013 that the ways to battle terrorism in “soft target” areas, such as shopping malls or movie theaters, is to erect secure safety perimeters or allow the citizens to carry their own guns, an “armed citizenry.”

  • The four As of survival

    Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey offers these four tips for dealing with violent situations: Awareness, avoidance, arm, attack.

  • Police chiefs say armed citizens reduce violent crime

    The 28th Annual National Survey of Police Chiefs shows that “76 percent” of respondents believe armed citizens reduce violent crime.

  • Erich Pratt presents facts to CNN host

    Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, counters the limited viewpoint of CNN host Carol Costelo, offering the full picture.

  • Does gun control work? Look at the data

    Surely murder is a serious subject, which ought to be examined seriously. Instead, it is almost always examined politically in the context of gun control controversies, with stock arguments on both sides that have remained the same for decades. And most of those arguments are irrelevant to the central question: Do tighter gun control laws reduce the murder rate?

  • The Founding Fathers explain the Second Amendment

    There’s a lot going around about the Second Amendment. Some on the left have been spreading a little rumor that it isn’t necessarily about protecting any right of the individual. Some say it doesn’t hold water compared to the government’s ideas on ensuring public safety.

  • UCLA shooting gun highlights control failures

    On Wednesday June 1, 2016, a deranged doctrinal student at UCLA stormed into a small office in the school’s engineering building and fatally shot his mechanical and aerospace engineering professor, William S. Klug, before turning the firearm on himself. According to recent reports from the Los Angeles Police Department, the murderer legally purchased a handgun from Minnesota, passed a background check, and then took that gun and shot his wife in Minnesota before driving to California where he shot his professor.

  • Federal judge strikes down DC concealed carry law: ‘Good reason’ provision likely unconstitutional

    The fight over Second Amendment rights in the nation’s capital has entered a new phase. A federal judge has ruled that the city’s concealed carry law is likely unconstitutional, citing the “good reason provision” in the injunction order on Tuesday (via WaPo):

  • District judge: ‘Right to bear arms’ includes right to carry outside home

    In a May 17 ruling against Washington, D.C.’s “good reason” requirement for concealed carry applicants, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon ruled that the “right to bear arms” includes the right to carry them outside the home for self-defense.