Happy Valentine’s Day!

Many people think that Valentine’s Day was invented by the secret greeting card/chocolate Illuminati, but in reality, we celebrate Feb 14th because on this day in 1911 John Moses Browning filed his patent for the handgun that would change the world.

Once our troops began to field this fine piece, it is said that they instantly fell so hard in love with it that they stopped paying attention to their wives, and there was a great fear that the population would shrink due to men spending too much time with their pistols.

When it became apparent that the 1911 was singlehandedly going to win WWII, the government came up with Project “Hallmark” to retrain soldiers on how to get gifts for their wives. They chose Feb 14th due to its significance in the history of the 1911 and they used the legend of St. Valentine as a cover for the government’s first attempt at MK-ultra-style mind control.

Project “Hallmark” was so successful that it led to a boom in the population, and the project was eventually handed over to the newly-formed CIA. The income from chocolates and greeting card sales have helped fund the toppling of many governments around the globe.

So, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly, buy a 1911 … chocolates and cards are just funding secret government black projects …

Source: Cabot Guns