• New York City Police to replace revolvers with semiautomatics

    New York City police officers will begin this fall to phase out their .38-caliber revolvers for 9-millimeter semiautomatic handguns, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said yesterday.

  • Facts about Police Shootings don’t Square with Media

    An FBI report that 1990 saw the fewest slayings of law officers in any year since 1968 undermines the media campaign that the streets are becoming deadier for cops because of so-called “assault weapons.”

  • California Cover-Up

    Months before the California legislature passed the “Assault Weapon” Control Act of 1989, key administrators in the state’s Dept. of Criminal Justice (DOJ) concluded that military-style semi-automatic rifles were not a crime problem. This fact was revealed in recently obtained DOJ internal documents.

  • Thoughts on Guns and Taxes

    In its support for the individual’s right to own weapons — and therefore, in its opposition to gun control proposals being made nationwide — the National Rifle Association takes what many view as extreme or radical positions. On closer examination, however, its approach does not strike me as unreasonable, but rather as a rational response to a serious threat against liberty.

  • Murder in California

    • If lax gun laws spawn violent crime, as anti-gunners claim, why the vast disparity in homicide rates among Golden State cities that had uniform gun laws?
  • Gun Rights

    • Hard evidence shows handguns are effective in defeating an unlawful life-threatening attack.
  • Right to Bear Arms

    More often than not Americans are propagandized rather than informed.

  • Helping stop a tower sniper

    Charles Joseph Whitman was a Marine and had been a student at the University of Texas at Austin. On August 1st, 1966, after killing his mother and wife with a knife, he went to the top of the University clock tower, which he used as a sniper’s perch. When it was over, he had shot and killed 14 people, and wounded 31 others before being shot by Austin police.

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