Shots Fired: Palm Desert, California — 03•30•1996

Out of the Store and Into Trouble

The disturbing party exited the front doors. He was prodding a second male forward while dragging a woman by her neck.

As Hendrix followed the trio out, employees told him that the guy with the woman in a headlock had a gun.

Hendrix moved within 15 feet of the trio and tried to blend in with the rest of the people populating the parking lot. His game plan was to simply keep a vigil on what was happening. Off in the distance, he could hear the blessed sirens of responding Riverside Sheriff’s Department deputies.

Good. Maybe I won’t have to be anything other than a good witness, he thought.

Hendrix’s desire to be nothing more than an observer ended very suddenly. The suspect produced a Glock 17 and jammed it under the front male’s chin and said to the woman, “I’m going to blow his head off!”

Hendrix now knew that if he didn’t do something there and then, these two individuals were going to be killed in front of him.

Author: Greg Raven

Trained by Chuck Taylor. What else is there to know?